pages: “The Great Alone”

“The Great Alone” by Kristin Hannah was a realistic and raw exploration of a family’s relationships and their unique dynamics, experienced through the eyes of a maturing teen, Leni.

The move to Alaska proves to be a wild and wildly-arduous new homesite for Leni, her mother, and Vietnam veteran father. Adoration, intimacy, struggle, passion, loss, and devotion are woven into established and blooming relationships, companions, and friendships.

Recommended book club topics curated from

  • Is this a story that could have taken place anywhere? Or was the solitude of Alaska part of the fabric of the novel?
  • Do you think the world feels dangerous today? Do you think the unrest and troubles of the 1970s are still relevant today?
  • Leni and Matthew experience first friendship and first love. Did you root for their relationship, or feel it was a negative risk?
  • Did you hold Leni responsible for any of Matthew’s misfortune?